Pokemon Sex Stories

Smoochum and the Weavile Clan

Jynx looked around, her child followed right behind. The tundra was cold, and the Smoochum gathered itself closed to its mother. The duo reached a the base of the mountain and entered into a small area of overgrown brush. Turning, the Jynx pointed to an area for the Smoochum to stay. Glancing around, the little Pokemon stepped into the brush close to the base of the mountain and watched Jynx walk away. When the sun was almost to the horizon, and the Smoochum wandered out from the brush to look for its mother. Stealthily, a small group of Weavile left the cave they were in, slightly above the Smoochum, and moved in on the small Pokemon. The oldest Wealive grabbed the Smoochum and turned to return to the cave. The Smoochum squealed, but was quickly silenced. As the group entered the cave, the elder tossed the Smoochum in the middle of a circle the small clan had made around her. When she looks up, she notices a small red rod poking out between each of them, she watched as each of them attempted to use the thing, which she thought was simply another way to attack. She had since turned away from the elder, who had now moved in on her. Feeling a poke to her shoulder, she turned around only to be smacked with the rod of the elder. A terrified look came across her face when the elder smiled down upon her. She attempted to move back, only to be forced into the elders rod. A Weavile behind her forced her mouth around the rod, and helped her begin to suck. She attempted to pull off, only to be forced on harder. The elders’ claws wrapped around the back of her head, forcing her to take the rod deeper and deeper. The elder heard her begin to gag, and began moving her head back and forth, never leaving the sound of gagging. He felt himself build up, ready to climax into the back of her throat, and decided to pull out. He grabbed at her hands, placing them on his rod, and moved them for her a few times. Releasing her, he glared at her to keep her going, which she did. Only now could anyone see the tears on her face, which seemed to make the rest of the group more antsy. Placing a single slaw to her head, he gave a sign that she needed to work faster, and he snickered. As she began speeding up, he felt the pressure climb and climb. He soon finally exploded onto her face and chest. She screamed, and the Weavile smiled. Each of them had been gathering closer and closer, stroking themselves, and watching the elder. As her screams erupted, so to did the climaxes of the Weavile. Each of them released their load onto the small Pokemon, covering her in their seed. The elder, looking satisfied, pointed to the opening of the cave, and moved towards the back. Two of the Weavile moved her out, pushed her off the cliff edge, and retreated into the cave. When her mother returned hours later, she looked upon her baby in horror.

And that is that. I feel my caffeine already wearing off, though, and a headache is following. That is likely it for the night, and I hope it is satisfying enough for the anon who suggested it. Oh, and it is just in time for the 50 follower mark! Still rough around the edges, but I think I can find something and work with it.