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Almost three months with not even a single update, sorry guys! I got a bit overwhelmed with the real world and had to take a break from tumblr to focus on being able to graduate. However, fret not! With graduation next month, I should be active over the summer. Hopefully sooner.

Update: I have a new story idea, that would likely come in parts, but I am unsure of how to go about it and if y’all would like it.

The simple of the story would involve a ‘female’ Ditto forcing itself onto its trainer, and getting traded off before it could happen again.

Again, I dunno how well it’ll turn out, but I’m going to try and get some written for it. I’m looking for y’all’s ups or downs on this, so don’t be afraid to tell me!

Me, everyday

Brain: You know, you should probably write.

Body: But, the bed is too comfortable. And we are tired after today.

Brain: Yea, but there are people who know you can write and want it.

Body: But softness.

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and sorry for my terrible lack of anything

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Yep, finally reached that mark. Doesn’t feel like its been long enough for me to have this many, but it has happened.

As for the lack of activity, anything sounds like an excuse. My internet doesn’t want to work with me at all and I am undergoing the majority of my sick season already. So I’ve been laying in bed, when I’m not at class, with just doing anything to get rid of this. I’m hoping to get something up here soon, but the promise will not be made. Once I return to class full-time, I’ll likely have a bit of homework to do to make up for my time out.

fur0phile said: Hey, good work so far. If you reddit you should consider posting on /r/pokerotica. It's a new sub and could use some new content. No I'm not a mod there but there's very few stories and any new content is good content.

so, i actually did this, and, somehow, it is upvoted in the /r/pokerotica category. i used ‘Sara and the Rapidash Family’. thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said: still working on a story?

yep. working on it. trying to find time between everything. things around here have picked up a bit and i have a hard time finding time to be alone and not have people over my shoulder. i hope to get another finished, but i will not promise when. hopefully before the month is out.



I’m curious…

Not on #TeamChespin?

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Anonymous said: keep up the good stories

Define good… 

Kidding! Thanks anon. I am currently working on a request in my free time, which won’t be a lot this week due to the upcoming funeral. Hopefully I can get something going and have enough free time to finish it before the end of the week. Though, some of these requests are quite… odd, to put it bluntly. Don’t know how I’ll accomplish them. But I will try!

Anonymous said: how long have you been into pokemon, you have any galleries like on FA or IB? Prefered fetish list?

I’ve been playing Pokemon since Gen One. However, if the question is in the context of being /into/ Pokemon, I’d have to say Gen Four was the kicker there.

No, I don’t have any galleries on FA or IB, but I have looked into joining FA.
Edit: I just registered on FA. Find me here~

Fetishes: Not sure how to respond to this one. I have a feeling that some of these will come out in my stories, though I don’t know if I’d classify them as fetishes. Anything y’all see in my stories, that you’d think would count as a fetish, feel free to tell me.

About Me Page

In light of the anon question, I have added an About Me page. It is a constant work in progress, and will come with additions whenever someone asks about me. Enjoy!

Anonymous said: you mind telling us a little about you?

Uh, this is something I’ve never been good at. :/

Well, I am Quistan (not my real name, the name I’ll be using here). I am a teenager from the United States.

I guess… anything else y’all wanna know, send it to my ask box?

Smoochum and the Weavile Clan

Jynx looked around, her child followed right behind. The tundra was cold, and the Smoochum gathered itself closed to its mother. The duo reached a the base of the mountain and entered into a small area of overgrown brush. Turning, the Jynx pointed to an area for the Smoochum to stay. Glancing around, the little Pokemon stepped into the brush close to the base of the mountain and watched Jynx walk away. When the sun was almost to the horizon, and the Smoochum wandered out from the brush to look for its mother. Stealthily, a small group of Weavile left the cave they were in, slightly above the Smoochum, and moved in on the small Pokemon. The oldest Wealive grabbed the Smoochum and turned to return to the cave. The Smoochum squealed, but was quickly silenced. As the group entered the cave, the elder tossed the Smoochum in the middle of a circle the small clan had made around her. When she looks up, she notices a small red rod poking out between each of them, she watched as each of them attempted to use the thing, which she thought was simply another way to attack. She had since turned away from the elder, who had now moved in on her. Feeling a poke to her shoulder, she turned around only to be smacked with the rod of the elder. A terrified look came across her face when the elder smiled down upon her. She attempted to move back, only to be forced into the elders rod. A Weavile behind her forced her mouth around the rod, and helped her begin to suck. She attempted to pull off, only to be forced on harder. The elders’ claws wrapped around the back of her head, forcing her to take the rod deeper and deeper. The elder heard her begin to gag, and began moving her head back and forth, never leaving the sound of gagging. He felt himself build up, ready to climax into the back of her throat, and decided to pull out. He grabbed at her hands, placing them on his rod, and moved them for her a few times. Releasing her, he glared at her to keep her going, which she did. Only now could anyone see the tears on her face, which seemed to make the rest of the group more antsy. Placing a single slaw to her head, he gave a sign that she needed to work faster, and he snickered. As she began speeding up, he felt the pressure climb and climb. He soon finally exploded onto her face and chest. She screamed, and the Weavile smiled. Each of them had been gathering closer and closer, stroking themselves, and watching the elder. As her screams erupted, so to did the climaxes of the Weavile. Each of them released their load onto the small Pokemon, covering her in their seed. The elder, looking satisfied, pointed to the opening of the cave, and moved towards the back. Two of the Weavile moved her out, pushed her off the cliff edge, and retreated into the cave. When her mother returned hours later, she looked upon her baby in horror.

And that is that. I feel my caffeine already wearing off, though, and a headache is following. That is likely it for the night, and I hope it is satisfying enough for the anon who suggested it. Oh, and it is just in time for the 50 follower mark! Still rough around the edges, but I think I can find something and work with it.

Soooooooooooo. I am one away from 50 followers! And, I am hyped up on Cappuccino! Mmmmmmmmm.

I think, out of the requests I have gotten, I’ll work on the shortest/easiest one first and see how the night goes. Maybe only that one, maybe two. Who knows?

Whelp, here goes nothing!

Edit: Oh yea! I also have my Dubstep musics going, so it is gonna be a good time!

how in the world did that terrible story give me 3-4 followers?

Sara and the Rapidash Family

Walking into the barn, Sara looked around the stalls at the variety of Pokemon her father kept in here. The stalls on the left were lined with Rapidash, Ponyta, Zebstrika, and Blitzle. On the right, Pokemon such as Lillipup, Herdier, Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, and Arcanine were kept. Moving down the middle aisle, Sara stopped about halfway down, in front of the stalls here father used for mating Pokemon. On the lefts stall, a male Rapidash was impregnating a small female Ponyta. Watching the scene, the Ponyta with its face to the ground, Sara reached into her cutoff shorts and gently rubbed her pussy. Already wet, Sara felt her fingers slip easily inside. Massaging her clit, Sara watched as the Rapidash climaxed. The Pontya let a tremendous whiny out, and the seed of the Rapidash spilled out of the smaller horse’s pussy. As the Rapidash dismounted, Sara made her way into the stall. Bending over behind the Ponyta, Sara stuck her face towards the Ponyta’s gaping pussy. With cum still spilling out, Sara tenderly licked the horses’s sex. Licking and swallowing the Rapidash’s cum from the outside of it, Sara soon moved her tounge deeper into the pony. The Ponyta turned to steal a glance at who, or what, was going at her pussy again. As Sara stopped momentarily, she noticed the Ponyta was looking at her. Sara gave a small wink, and stood up. Dropping her shorts, she bent over and wiggled her butt for the Ponyta. The small pony trotted over and bent its head down. Giving Sara’s arroused sex a gentle lick, the Ponyta began to lick deeper and faster. Sara began moaning, which grew louder and louder. At this time, the smell of sex and the sounds of Sara’s moans had filled most of the barn. Most of the male Pokemon had their own sexes already sliding out of their sheaths. The Rapidash that was in the stall before, returned. Noticing a new playtoy in the stall, he trotted over and pushed the Ponyta out of the way. Giving Sara’s sex one lookover, he mounted her. Forcefully shoving his penis into Sara’s tightest hole, her ass, the Rapidash began to show his dominance. Sara’s moans had sharply turned into screams of agony as her asshole was spread apart by the Rapidash’s massive dick. The Ponyta, wishing Sara to be quiet, moved her rear in front of Sara’s mouth. Feeling something brush against her mouth, Sara reached a hand up to feel. Leaving her eyes shut in pain, and another hand on the ground to keep balance, Sara felt around the Ponyta’s rear. Recognizing the feel, Sara stuck her tongue out and placed it at the entrance to a hole. Easing her tongue in as forcefully as Rapidash rammed her, Sara’s tongue was jammed into the Ponyta’s asshole. The Ponyta moved back, and along with the momentum of Rapidash in Sara’s own asshole, Sara was beginning to rim the Ponyta without a choice. The Rapidash began moving faster, spreading Sara’s asshole. Ponyta, feeling the increased momentum in her toy, began moaning slightly in pleasure. Sara’s screams were muffled in the Ponyta’s rear, but had grown to be slightly less as her ass became used to the massive girth entering it. Soon, Rapidash buckled tighter down on Sara, and Sara felt his dick begin to throb in her ass. Feeling his cum fill her ass, Sara let out a moan into Ponyta’s ass. As Rapidash began to finish, Sara felt is cum overspill and run down her pussy and legs. As Rapidash finished and dismounted, Ponyta began pushing Sara into the corner of the stall, her ass still tight around Sara’s tongue. Sara found herself pinned into the back of the stall, on her ass, with Ponyta’s rear in her face. There was only one thing, she noticed, that she could do. Reaching a hand up, Sara began massaging the Ponyta’s pussy, and once she found it, the Ponyta’s clit. While still licking the Ponyta’s ass, Sara found herself slipping three fingers into the Ponyta. The Ponyta let out a whiny, and her ass and sex tighten around Sara. Forcing her fist into the Ponyta, Sara began shoving faster and longer until the Ponyta was whining enough for the whole barn to hear. The Ponyta’s pussy tightened around Sara’s fist, and her ass around the tongue. Sara was still able to move each part a tiny bit, and did so until the Ponyta climaxed. A bit of clear fluid covered Sara’s arm as she pulled out. The Ponyta, now spent, moved away and dropped down. Sara stood, grabbed her clothes, and began to leave the stall. Glancing around the barn, she licked her arm to taste the Ponyta again. Walking out of the barn, she wondered what would happen next time.

I must apologize. That looks so terrible to me. I did it in nine or so different sits, so it is choppy. Ugh. I just can’t look at it, but have it.